Our Vanlife


We are Bailey and Denise, authors of Two with a View . Together we have lived in two self-built campervans over the past two years. Through this experience, we have gained many stories, tips and tricks. We have kept track along the way to share everything with you here.


We will continue to compile everything here, neatly gathered on our blog pages. You will find anything from buying and building a van to the tips to keep you on the road for longer with ease. We will give you some insight into our lives to give you an idea of what life can be while travelling along in a campervan.

Our Diary

We escaped the normal to be able to live on the road. Though there were many lessons to learn, the van life dream became real.

We made this Van Life blog to create a space to share with you our journey, the good and the bad, the tips and mistakes. The things that make this dream our reality.

In the past two years, we have bought two empty vans, to build into a home and live in them. This gave us the freedom to live and travel on the road.

We will share our experiences of building campers to assist throughout the process.

Travelling in a camper is a special type of freedom. The journey can easily become more thrilling than the destination.

If you wish to travel in a van then we have some neat tips to help you make the most of your adventures!

As an aspiring van lifer, it can be interesting to hear others stories for inspiration. We know all to well, how valuable it is to have some insight before stepping into a new lifestyle!

This is a place to find some inspiration from others who have already taken the leap into van life. 

About Two with a View

Hi, we are Bailey and Denise!

We get asked a lot how we manage to live (stuck) together in such a small space. We’ve decided to take you back to the start…


Whether you’re curious about our build, life or travels, we’re here to answer your questions.

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