How to Prepare for Bad Weather in a Camper

Sitting inside a camper with bad weather

Every traveller dreams of roaming across the land with beautiful weather along the coastlines and countryside. All of those highlighted Instagram posts of sitting on the beach on a sunny day or cruising down windy mountain roads with blue skies in the background. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality and it’s important to prepare for bad weather in a camper.


What Can You Do to Prepare for Bad Weather in a Home on Wheels?


Embarking on a trip in your camper will keep you dreaming of the good times to come, though it is important to prepare for bad weather along the way. There is a handful of things that you can do to prepare for the bad weather and to avoid getting stuck along the way.


Stay Up to Date


Checking the weather conditions on phone in campervan


While planning your trip, it is extremely helpful to check the weather predictions for your destination. Take note of the areas that have better weather consistently and adjust your route accordingly. Be sure to look at the weather for the areas along your route, not only your destination. While travelling you may find it necessary to have a quick stop in some regions with different climates.


Mountains vs Sea

Depending if you will be heading to the coastlines or the mountains may heavily affect the climate to expect. We have found that the coastlines proved better weather in general. Warmer temperatures, steadier weather, and a little more comfort with options for tourism. The mountainous areas are generally colder with less predictable weather. The higher you go into the mountains will inevitably be colder, and if you find yourself lower in the valleys, you may have some unpredictable weather with fewer sun hours.


Be Prepared

Knowing that you may end up with some extra stops along the way, a little bit of over-packing can become quite helpful. Pack some extra clothing to cater for warmer and colder climates and some rain protection to keep you comfortable on the way. Make some space for small games and activities to pass the time if the weather does turn bad.


How Do You Keep Yourself Entertained in a Campervan?


Playing cards in the camper with bad weather


Even if you are completely prepared, you may find yourself in some uncomfortable bad weather. We’ve currently been travelling for three months (at the time of writing this blog) with many months previous to this trip. We know that preparation can be very helpful, but sometimes the bad weather just catches up.  We’ve found 3 main options in this situation:


  1. Pay for a more comfortable situation
  2. Chase the sun
  3. Pass the time


Some of these options may make more sense than others depending on your budget, location, and time allowance.


Pay for a More Comfortable Situation

When the bad weather has caught up, it can quickly become very crowded inside a camper. Whether you are alone, with a partner or with a family, there is not much freedom when it is cold and wet outside or if storms hit making it dangerous to venture out the door. Finding a hostel or hotel could be a way to bring a bit more comfort. Sometimes a campsite with extra facilities could be enough. Either way, you provide yourself with a bit of extra space to get out of the camper, making it easier to wait for the weather to turn around.

We once stayed at a campsite for a night with a nice heated pool. This helped us forget about the cold weather outside. Surely the rain doesn’t matter when your sitting in a pool.


Chase the Sun

Sometimes the best option is to completely change your plans and chase the sun. You may be lucky to find that a close region provides much better weather than what you’re experiencing. Take a look at weather forecasts in your neighbouring regions for some better weather predictions that you can follow. Social media might be your saviour here, take a look at some photos posted in regions close to you to see the potential sun that you are missing out on.


Pass the Time

When it comes to passing the time with bad weather, there are more options than you may realise. Of course, while you are on holiday it is nice to be out and about enjoying the scenery, though if it’s not possible then these options may keep you sane while waiting out the bad weather in a camper.


Movies & Series

If you only have a day or two of bad weather ahead then this can be a great way to pass the time. Make it a date, and find a few movies or series that you can bring, you are on holiday, right?


Card & Board Games

This is our favourite, and not only with bad weather.


There are so many options for card games and compact board games. You can quite easily pass the time with a set of cards or Mini Monopoly. Fortunately, these don’t take up too much space so you can conveniently take them with you when the weather clears up.


Art or Crafts

Arts and crafts can be a relaxing way to pass the time and maybe even become a new hobby. Consider picking up a sketchbook and pencil set, or some knitting needles and yarn (this is Den’s current hobby). This way you can pass the time while delving into your creative side which may keep you busy after the sun comes back.



Learning is one of the greatest parts of life, you will never run out of things to learn.


If you have some work waiting at home for you, this may be a perfect time to get ahead, leaving you with a bit less stress to return to. Or that subject that you’ve been curious about, though never got around to? Take a look at Udemy or Skillshare for example, you get a month for free which should be perfect to delve into a new topic before deciding if you want to pursue it.


Start a Project

Start something for yourself, whether that be a simple puzzle or even a blog. Set yourself a goal, something that you could enjoy, and go for it. A personal project can be great because you can choose what it is, how far your target will be, and how strictly you will work towards it.

This is a great option as you will either achieve a goal, learn more about your project or, at least, pass the time.


Clean & Organise

Depending on how severe the weather is, this could be a great chance to clean up your camper and get things back in order. Decide how far you want to go with this and call it a spring clean. We all know how necessary this is in a camper. Take some things out that have been sitting since your trip began. Give everything a clean and decide if it will go back or be put in a bag for donations.


Weather Resistant Activities

You will never be limited to being stuck in your camper with bad weather. Take a look around the area, and look for a nice cafe or restaurant to get yourself out and about. Consider visiting a museum or checking out the new movies at the cinema. There are many options to get out of the camper while avoiding bad weather. We love to visit the hot springs or spa when possible, this way you won’t be concerned about rain.



Take It Day by Day


Sitting outside in the sun with good weather


Nobody wants to schedule bad weather for their trip away, though it is always convenient to be prepared. Take a tip from this article, and pack some extras in case you do run short of sun. Be sure to enjoy the good weather while possible and make the most of these options when the bad weather comes.






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