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We get asked a lot how we manage to live (stuck) together in such a small space. We’ve decided to tell you a bit about us while we take you back to the start…
We are far from professional, so who the heck are we?
Meet Bai (Bailey)
About us: Bai portrait

Hi all, I’m Bai (Bailey). I’m an Aussie living in the Netherlands.


Before moving to the Netherlands I lived in a small wagon while travelling and working, mostly in hospitality and horticulture. The push to live small was intense, it gave me a lot of freedom and a chance to save to reach my dream of backpacking. 


Fortunately, I met Denise before my trip was cut short due to COVID-19. We eventually moved to the Netherlands and bought our bus. This was an upgrade for me, it gave us all the freedom and comforts of a home, only on wheels. 


In the Netherlands, I worked at a beach club as a cook where I was able to explore new passions whilst delving into a new culture.


Now that we are living our lives mostly on the road, my roles include driving, general van maintenance, washing the dishes and writing / proofing our posts.

Meet Den (Denise)

About us: Den Portrait

Hi, Den (Denise) here! I’m a Dutchy who loves to jump around the globe.


I’ve always had a passion for nature, travel and diving. Living ‘ eco-friendly’ is greatly important to me.  I was lucky enough to land an amazing job where I could educate people about our natural surroundings and how to protect it.  This way I could make a little contribution to the protection of our environment, both by living and working green.


The Netherlands provides some very cold winters so I generally chase the sun for those few months of the year. This was when I met Bai, with a few backpacks we drove through the mountains of Thailand before returning to the Netherlands for the work season.


Life on the road is extremely fulfilling, my work is mostly remote which gives me the chance to keep our floors clean and give the toilet a flush every now and again. Oh, and those photos you see, yep, they are mostly my work.

About Us

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