Top 18 IKEA Products for Life on the Road

Handles from ikea with jackets and towels

We all have to admit it, Ikea is at the top of DIY home renovations. Fortunately, many of these IKEA products can be easily adapted for a van.


We are indeed Ikea lovers. After living in a van for a few years, we have begun to crave handy items. Our minds have become hardwired to look for multi-use and space-saving products. We’ve found a lot of items to make our life a little easier in the van, and many come from IKEA.


What Are the Top IKEA Products That We Use in Our Van?


Here we have a list of our favourite products from Ikea. We have personally tried and tested all of these products for convenience, practicability, and durability. With each item, we’ve concluded that they deserve a space on our list. Hopefully, this can help make your life in a van easier from the start.


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campsite essentials to take with you while travelling


The PRESSA is a clothes-hanging dryer. This product is a smart alternative or addition to a standard fold-out clothes rack. Consisting of a main body with a hook at the top and 16 pegs hanging from the fold-out arms. With the PRESSA, you can easily hang smaller items to dry. The hook allows you to hang this clothes hanging dryer without taking up floor space.



  • Small and compact
  • Easy to store when now in use
  • Easy to set up for use
  • Convenient hanging system
  • Pegs are attached


Why We Love This IKEA Product

Laundry can be a huge time-consuming chore while on the road. Waiting in a car park for an hour for washing and drying can become a burden.

For small washes, we can dry the laundry ourselves with this product. We hang the PRESSA onto the arm of our ventilator in the shower and hang the clothes to dry.


Some of our clothing is prone to shrinkage in the dryer making the PRESSA a handy alternative. It does not take up much space while it is hanging and saves us floor space. When not in use, the arms fold up to a compact size which fits easily in our storage.




The NEREBY series consists of a wall shelf, rail, S hooks, and a range of hanging storage bags. The rail and shelf are generally the base, which is easily attached to the wall. The storage bags or hooks can then be hung from the rail or shelf, providing multiple combinations of storage.



  • Two base options
  • Multiple hanging options
  • Clean and neat style
  • Interchangeable
  • Easy to install


Why We Love This IKEA Product

A van is a small space requiring smart storage. Most storage options can quickly become cluttered with smaller items. The NEREBY Series provides a neat-looking solution with pockets to organise those smaller items.


We have two of these shelves attached to the wall, each with two bags hanging from the rail. The shelves hold our plants in place and still have enough room for a cup, easily reachable from our bed. The hanging bags help to organise things like cables, earphones and hair ties. Additionally, we use the S hooks to hang a dream catcher and decorative light. All of this hangs above the seats in our van, providing convenient storage without clutter.



Plastic box from Ikea for storage


The SOCKERBIT Series is a range of plastic storage containers. Some of which have wheels, lids or multiple openings. Each style of the container comes in a variety of sizes and colours providing a storage solution for every space.



  • Variety of colours and sizes
  • Available with wheels
  • Multiple opening styles
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy-to-clean materials


Why We Love This IKEA Product

Convenient storage is essential to reduce clutter and frustration in a tight space. Storage containers can help to utilise the small, awkward spaces in a van while providing easy access.


We use a few of these containers throughout our van to create more storage options. The storage area inside our couches holds 2 of these containers. One has become a sort of medicine cabinet, with things like nail clippers, vitamins and spare COVID-19 tests. The other holds our laundry detergent, toilet chemicals and soaps.


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soft storage boxes that have a lit to open


The SKUBB series has a range of storage solutions, both hanging storage and semi-solid storage boxes. These come in a wide range of sizes with different colours to choose from. Most of the SKUBB Series is collapsible, meaning they can be packaged flat when not in use. Made from a semi-solid material, they are durable though slightly flexible.



  • Wide range of styles
  • Many different sizes
  • Semi-solid material
  • Collapsible
  • Multiple colours


Why We Love This IKEA Product

Versatile storage options are often limited for a camper. The SKUBB Series provides a collapsible solution for storage containers with a semi-solid structure.

We use the SKUBB Shoe Box style for food storage, in an upright position. With these boxes, we can organise our food with snacks in one box and fresh fruit and vegetables in another to prevent soft items from getting squashed.



Soft baskets for storage, ikea


The NORDRANA comes with 2 options, 1 larger square-shaped basket or a pair of smaller round baskets. Both of these options are made of a soft material to be backed flat when not in use. They do not hold a solid shape meaning you can stuff anything into them. These products can be hung on a hook or placed on a flat surface.



  • Soft material
  • Pliable shape
  • Able to be hung
  • Clean light grey colour
  • Two size options


Why We Love This IKEA Product

These NORDRANA baskets are convenient for their size, shape and pliability. They can be hung from a hook with the attached loops or set on a flat surface. Due to the non-rigid material, they can be stuffed full of items.


We have used the larger basket as a laundry basket. It can easily be pushed into tight spaces for storage and can fit a lot without the damage of stretching. With the handle holes, we can carry the basket directly to the laundry machine. When not in use it can be squashed to a small size for storage without taking up space.




11 Top Campervan Gadgets under €50 suction hooks


The TISKEN Series consists of handy gadgets with suction cups. There is a suction cup for almost everything bathroom related. The main is a set of hooks that can be attached to the wall with suction cups. They include a toothbrush holder, soap tray, toilet roll holder and a small basket for straight walls or corners.



  • Suction cup attachments
  • Multiple bathroom gadgets
  • Relocatable
  • Colour options available
  • Can attach to any smooth surface


Why We Love This IKEA Product

These suction cup attachments are so versatile and able to be placed on any smooth surface. To relocate, just pull the rubber tab, clean it, and stick it in the new position. With so many different gadgets, you are sure to find something in the TISKEN Series for your campervan.


We use the plain TISKEN Hook With Suction Cup, which is stuck to our shower wall to hang our towels. We have considered buying the Basket With a suction cup to hold soap containers on the kitchen wall.


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Cooking ware from Ikea on the stove in a camper


The HEMLAGAD set is a complete kitchen cookware set. Containing a large and small pan, a saucepan, and a large and small pot with lids to fit. This set is made of thick aluminium to distribute heat evenly and all pieces are coated with a quality non-stick layer.



  • 5-piece set
  • Quality non-stick layer
  • Lightweight
  • Even heat distribution
  • Long-lasting quality


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The HEMLAGAD Set is a high-quality kitchen cookware set that comes at a very reasonable price.


We have been using this set heavily for over 2 years now with minimal wear showing. The range of pot and pan sizes provide all options for cooking. With a lightweight and quality non-stick layer, we are prepared to cook any meal in our camper.



Cooking spatial for making meals


The 365+ HJALTE Series is a complete range of kitchen tools. Including everything, you would need on your kitchen table from spatulas to whisks and all this is in between. Built with non-melting plastic to avoid scratching pots and pans. The rubber handles are shaped comfortably and include a hole at the end to allow hanging.



  • Doesn’t scratch non-stick pots and pans
  • Comfortable handles
  • Doesn’t melt
  • Holes to hang
  • Large variety


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The HJALTE Series provides a large range of options for kitchen tools. With a very comfortable handle, you can use these tools and hang them when not in use. You don’t need to worry about them melting or scratching your pots and pans thanks to the plastic design.


We have used the HJALTE Series almost daily for over 2 years with minimal wear showing. They are comfortable and practical giving more freedom in the kitchen.



Coffee and tea cans from ikea


The BLOMNING jars come in 2 size options, large or small. These jars are aesthetic with a mat black finish and a gold edge on the lid. The lid is semi-air-tight to prevent air, moisture and light from affecting the contents. The small jar is ideal for sugar or tea and the large for coffee.



  • 2 size options
  • Aesthetic look
  • Semi airtight
  • Ideal for coffee and tea
  • Lightweight metal


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The BLOMNING Jars are an ideal solution for coffee and tea storage. With an aesthetic style, the lid will protect the contexts from air, moisture and light.

We use these jars for tea and coffee. The large one perfectly holds a package of coffee. The small jar holds our range of tea with easy access from the lid. These jars are ideal as they are lightweight and have a convenient shape for storage.


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Hooks for jackets in the camper from ikea


The SKOGSVIKEN Series is a range of hanging accessories. This range includes a towel rail, hooks, door hooks, and a toilet roll holder. All of these products have a smooth black finish with well-concealed fixings. The style is very simple though luxurious.



  • Simple luxurious style
  • Smooth back finish
  • Large range
  • Hanging accessories
  • Concealed fixings


Why We Love This IKEA Product

This range is very neat. It has a smooth black finish giving a simple and luxurious look. There is a wall-mounted towel rack, standard hooks, door-mounted hooks, and a toilet roll holder. All of these products can be mounted easily and the fixings are partially concealed.


We used the SKOGSVIKEN Hooks in our camper. They are mounted to the top side of our door frame to allow jackets to be hung out of the way. To mount these hooks, you would unscrew the front face, screw through the back of the hook, and then replace the face to hide the screw. These hooks provide a neat and low-profile way to hang our jackets out of the way.



Hanging system from ikea


The HULTARP Series is a large range of hanging and magnetic storage solutions. Most of these products come in a variety of colours with a very simple style. This range includes rails, hooks, hanging baskets, hanging kitchen accessories and a magnetic knife rack.



  • Multiple colour options
  • Simple style
  • Multiple hanging solutions
  • Convenient hanging accessories
  • Interchangeable


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The HULTARP Series provides many hanging solutions. The range begins with a variety of rails that can easily be mounted. Some of the hanging options include a dish drying rack, hooks, baskets with different shapes, and a paper towel roll holder. This range also includes a magnetic knife rack.

We use the HULTARP Magnetic Knife Rack. This knife rack has a mat black finish which is durable to withstand scratches. The magnet can be screwed into the wall, and then the cover clips on top conceal the structure. The magnet’s strength is impressive as it can hold our knives securely while travelling.



Magnetic jars for herbs from ikea


The GRUNTAL Series magnetic containers are a high-quality, magnetic storage solution. Made from stainless steel, these jars will not rust or perish easily. The magnet is strong allowing them to stick to a metal surface such as a fridge. These jars are ideal for salt and pepper or commonly used herbs.



  • Stainless steel
  • Strong magnet
  • Contents visible
  • Convenient size
  • Durable


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The GRUNTAL Magnetic Containers are a durable stainless-steel option for storing salt, pepper and herbs. With a strong magnet, they can be attached to metal surfaces for easy access.


We have used these jars to store our commonly used herbs on a magnetic knife rack, on the fridge and in the cupboard. They are easy to store and use with a clear screen to see the contents.


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Bed slats from ikea


The LUROY Series provides numerous bedding solutions. This range includes loose bed slats and complete bed bases in multiple different styles. With a clean and simple Pine wood finish, these bed bases can fit into any bedroom.



  • Easy to put together
  • Clean and simple finish
  • Durable
  • Multiple styles
  • Lightweight


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The LUROY Series of bed bases and bed slats are simple to put together with a clean and simple finish. The materials are lightweight and durable and come in multiple styles.


We used the LUROY series bed slats to create a DIY bed base for our camper. We used 2 sets from the 70cm bed slats which were simple to install. These slats gave us a comfortable foundation for the bed.



Drawers from ikea


The MAXIMERA Series is a range of drawer storage solutions. This includes single-draw slides, drawer set modules, and complete cabinets which include drawers. All of the options come in different sizes and have many additional options for drawer faces.



  • Easy to install
  • Many modules
  • Single drawers possible
  • Multiple drawer face options
  • Length and width options


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The MAXIMER Series provides many drawer storage solutions. The options vary from single drawers to complete cabinet sets with multiple drawer faces to choose from. With multiple cabinet lengths and widths options, it becomes easy to find a solution.


We intend to use the MAXIMERA Series drawer slides as a simple alternative to self-made drawers. This provides more consistency with drawers, making installation easier in a camper. The many size options available make it easy to utilise the cabinet space inside a camper kitchen.



Clip for food or closing something ikea


The BEVARA Clips are an ideal bag-sealing solution. They are ideal for food preservation, or to keep smaller items inside a closed bag. These clips come in 2 sets, 20 small and 10 long pieces or the basic 10 long pieces.



  • Simple design
  • Durable
  • Suitable for dishwasher and freezer
  • 2 sets available
  • Ideal for food preservation


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The BEVARA Clips are ideal for food preservation. They have a simple design to allow bags to be sealed by closing the clip around the opening. These plastic clips can go in the dishwasher or freezer and are durable. There are 2 sets available with small and large clips, or only large.


We use the BEVARA Clips almost daily. They are ideal to close open soft plastic packaging to help preserve food. They are very simple to use and small enough to never be in the way.


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folding chair from ikea


The GUNDE Folding Chairs are a cheap and compact alternative to typical camping chairs. They are lightweight and fold flat to store in minimal space. There are 2 colour options, black or white, and both come with a silver metal frame. When in use, they lock into place to improve safety.



  • Cheap alternative
  • Flat for storage
  • Lightweight
  • 2 colour options
  • Strong and safe


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The GUNDE Folding Chairs are a good alternative to standard camping chairs. They take up minimal space with the flat folding design and are easy to set up for use. These chairs are available in black or white colour options and come at a very affordable price. With a metal frame, these chairs are strong and safe while remaining lightweight.


We have used the GUNDE Folding Chairs while travelling in our camper. They are easy to use when sitting outside around a fire or by the beach. When not in use they can easily be stored in a small space.



11 Top Campervan Gadgets under €50 slide-out bins


The HALLBAR Series is a complete range of rubbish storage and organization solutions. This includes a variety of bins in different sizes, bin holders and slide-out solutions. With many sizes and combinations available, there are many ways to store and organise rubbish.



  • Many sizes
  • Lids included
  • Space dividers available
  • Bin slides available
  • Easy to use


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The HALLBAR Series provides many options for bins, space dividers and even a slide-out bin holder. They come as individual bins or in sets with dividers or slides. With many size options, there is always a solution to store and organise rubbish.


We use the HALLBAR Bins to organise our rubbish in the camper. We have utilised our cupboard space with the bin slide to store 2 rubbish bins inside a cabinet. One bin is for general rubbish and the other for all recyclables. We also have the smallest bin for organic waste in areas that provide organic waste disposal.



storage box for shoes ikea


The BISSA Shoe Racks are an ideal storage solution for shoes. Each compartment folds down to reveal accessible shoe shelves which easily fold away. The shoe racks are stackable and hangable to provide many placement options. There are many different styles available to fit any home



  • Lightweight
  • Multiple styles/colours
  • Stackable and hangable
  • Durable
  • Compact


Why We Love This IKEA Product

The BISSA Shoe Racks are ideal for compact and discrete shoe storage. Coming in multiple styles and colours, these fold-out cabinets can be hung or placed to fit the surroundings. They are made from lightweight and durable plastic with a smooth folding compartment for easy access.


We like the BISSA Shoe Racks because they can be used in many settings. They can be used for many things, especially for storing shoes. The design makes them easy to stack or attach to the wall to create convenient storage.

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Why do we love Ikea products so much in our campervan?


Ikea is ahead of the game when it comes to convenience, practicability, and durability. They have warehouses all over the world with loved products that will help to utilise space practically without compromising on style. Many of these products are designed to integrate into a house with ease. Fortunately, many products can easily be adapted into a van to provide those space-saving opportunities.


Living in a van brings an extra scream for the need for space-saving options. So far we have not found a competing brand that provides so many options at an affordable price. With limited space in a camper, clutter can seem inevitable. This quote from Ikea says it all – “clutter is just handy storage waiting for the right box” Ikea – and trust me, they have all of the right boxes.






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