Why Choose a Mini Camper? Convenience and Freedom

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The biggest upgrade from tent camping is being more mobile, the ability to discover new places every day is very nice with this camper lifestyle. This life has brought us closer to our motto – memories you want to have later, need to be made now ✨


Meet Anna, Edwin and the Mini Camper Combo

Hi, we are Anna (32) & Edwin (36) and we travel with 3 dogs in a mini camper.  Since getting the camper, we are now happy to hit the road all year round. Summer or winter, rain or shine, it’s no problem for us. It’s the feeling of freedom that gets us excited, to have a mini home on wheels is fantastic.


Introducing minicamper_combowie
Instagram: minicamperencaravantravels
Mini Camper Introducing
Instagram: minicamperencaravantravels

How Did the Idea Begin?

We came to the idea while on vacation in Italy in September 2021. We had been camping for years in a large tent, which was always a great experience, but our eyes opened further this time.

While at the campsite in Italy, we saw many small older vans that had been converted into mini-campers. Some were so small that they were hidden among the field of campervans and mobile homes. This was when we decided that we wanted a mini camper for ourselves.

From Mini-Van to Camper

Once we arrived back home in The Netherlands, the search was on for a suitable van. Eventually, we found a little Opel Combo which would eventually become our mini camper. We bought our van which eventually became our mini camper home. It took us some time to finish the van because we are not overly creative. The van was bought at the beginning of October and completed the build by April.

Our idea was to create a removable camper box. Something compact and multifunctional, but also removable to still utilize the van for cargo. Although it took us some time, we could spend Easter in our mini camper for the first time.


Instagram: minicamperencaravantravels
inside mini camper bed
Instagram: minicamperencaravantravels

Why Choose a Mini Camper?

Now we are sold, because it’s so much more relaxed with a camper rather than a tent.

The big advantage of the mini camper is that it is much easier to get ready for a night away or a quick weekend trip. After all, it’s basically a tiny portable house. This is not the same as travelling in a tent. It only takes a bit of rain or cold weather to begin hesitating to set up the tent.

We find that camper life gives us more freedom to come and go whenever we want. It is easy to get in and straight on the road because everything is ready. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, for us it’s clear that camper life is very addictive. Now that we have started, we constantly crave to see and discover more. We love it! It’s become a hobby that got out of hand.


Inside mini camper with movie
Instagram: minicamperencaravantravels

What Is the Best Feature of Your Mini Camper?

The removable camper box is our favourite part of the mini camper. Camping becomes difficult without our camper box. The camper box is our bed and seating area in one. Combined with a bunch of storage, it gives us the space to stay comfortable in bad or cold weather or when we decide to sit inside. This is an ideal and indispensable part of our mini-camper.

Travelling With a Mini Campervan

We both work quite a lot throughout the year. Anna works 32 hours per week and Edwin works full-time. This restricts us, but we will make the most of our weekends and holidays away.


Front of mini campervan
Instagram: minicamperencaravantravels

Advice for Aspiring Van Lifers

We could definitely recommend a mini camper. Especially if you crave the freedom to explore and delve into the beauty of nature. If you’re like us, with a limited budget, and you’re not looking for a ‘real’ camper to purchase, then a small delivery van with a removable camper box is ideal. This way you get the luxury of a small camper and can also use the van for other purposes.


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