The Travellers Who Cook Their Way Around the Globe!


Living and travelling in a camper is so different from living in a house. I love to cook and to be able to wake up at a different spot every morning.  I like running, and having a different area to explore every time I go for a run is amazing. We also noticed that everything takes more time when you live in a camper. Even making coffee in the morning becomes a little task. This is something that I really like! I also love being outside so much when we are travelling with the camper and the fact that no day is the same.


Meet Rosanne From Camperkeuken

Hi! My name is Rosanne from the Netherlands. I am the owner of the food platform Camperkeuken, where I share recipes to make in a small camper kitchen. Together with my boyfriend Coen and our camper Koos, I’ve travelled for one year through Europe. Now we are back in the Netherlands, but since we are both freelancers, we plan to live part of our year in the camper, and work from there!


Rossane from Camperkeuken who loves to cook
Instagram: Camperkeuken


How Did the Dream Begin?

In the past, my boyfriend and I have both worked abroad a few times. We liked this, but we never travelled for a longer period. This became our dream, to travel longer together! The plan was to go to Australia and New Zealand for one year, but because of covid, the borders were closed and we kept pushing it further into the future. This was until one moment that we both said “we want to leave now!”. That was when we looked at the possibilities and decided to travel through Europe. The uncle of Coen was selling his camper, so this came exactly at the right time for is. We bought the camper (and got all the needed features along with it), and with zero camper experience we started our trip to Scotland.


Norway travel Camperkeuken
Instagram: Camperkeuken


What Is It Like Travelling in a Camper?

For us, the biggest pro is the ability to be so flexible and to decide every day what we want to do. We wake up and decide if we want to stay an extra night at this spot, or if we want to travel on. Depending for example on the weather and how you are feeling. The biggest con is being far away from family and friends. Of course, the kitchen is my favourite feature of our camper. I thought I would miss having a bigger kitchen, but there is so much you can make in a camper kitchen. All of these are still super delicious, healthy and easy to make (like the peach burrata salad, see photo below).


Instagram: Camperkeuken


Freedom to Work Away

My boyfriend and I are both freelancers. We didn’t work that much during our one-year trip, which is one reason why we ended our full-time travelling in the camper. Luckily, we can work flexibly, so we can still take nice trips with our camper while working from other places in Europe.


Words of Advice

If you are considering this lifestyle, please, do it! There are always reasons not to take the step to travel for a longer period. Honestly, being able to experience living and travelling like this is amazing. There are many ways to avoid spending too much money, like visiting places where you can do wild camping almost everywhere for example.


Find Them Here:

Website: Camperkeuken

Instagram: Camperkeuken






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